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Sketches of Churches, Homes, Historic Sites, Island Scenes

St. Paul's Anglican Church

Contact: Sterling or Gloria Stratton at

Tel. 902-367-5150
...or send an Email to Sterling or Gloria Stratton


List Of Prices

Churches, Historic Sites, Island Scenes
- (Matted) 11" x 14" = $25.00 + pst
- (Matted and Framed) 11" x 14" = $45.00 + pst

Custom Sketches Of Homes/Farms
- (Matted) 11" x 14" = $75.00 + pst
- (Matted and Framed) 11" x 14" = $95.00 + pst

Additional Notes: - The frames are wooden with glass front - 95% of customers request that we frame their sketches - The artist takes his own photos of the locations in PEI - In some cases, customers provide photos of out-of-province sites - In some cases, customers provide old photos of buildings no longer standing

A personal touch to the sketch AT NO COST - Customers frequently request that information be added to the sketch - Two examples: For a church "Church Name, June 1/2000.....The Marriage Of Jill Smith and Jack Jones" For a home "The Family Home Of Jill and Jack Jones........Children: Xxxxx and Yyyyy"