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There are four Books Of Sketches available
Cost per book = $20.00 + pst

[1] If Buildings Could Talk . . . . What Would They Say?
Book One Eastern P.E.I.

-Twenty-four historic sites are described in the Eastern Book Over 100 sketches - both exterior and interior illustrations. Commentaries include little known interesting facts about each site. Also included are amusing excerpts from past newspapers.

[2] The Complete Book Of Island Churches
At The Turn Of The Century The Year 2000

-Three hundred and two sketches of churches from Prince County, Queens County, Kings County, Summerside and Charlottetown. All Island Churches are included in alphabetical order according to general area of PEI specific locations are noted for each church.

[3] Places Of Historic Interest In Charlottetown
- with commentary

- Thirty-four sketches (Government Buildings, Churches, Homes, Points of Special Interest and Streetscapes) - Locations were selected based on historic value and architectural style - Commentaries include little known, interesting facts about Charlottetown.

[4] U.P.E.I. Memories - St. Dunstan's & UPEI Campus
- with commentary

- Fifty-two sketches of buildings as they were in the year 2006. - Sketches range from "Main Building 1880" to "Institute For Nutrisciences & Health 2006" - The book offers a nostalgic return to the SDU & UPEI Campuses. - Commentaries include facts about the buildings, interesting anecdotes of times past, and historical notes pertaining to the year in which each building was constructed - The book of sketches is of interest to both St. Dunstan's and UPEI graduates.

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